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Table 3 Contexts of e-cigarette use

From: Contexts of cigarette and e-cigarette use among dual users: a qualitative study

Contexts Quotes
 Before/during work out or physical activity “I use e-cig when I am engaging in more healthful activities.” (26 year old woman)
 When working “So it’s like when I’m working I can’t smoke a regular cigarette where I’m working at, so I can smoke this indoors. So when I’m not on break, and then when I’m on break, I switch.” (28 year old woman)
 At home/indoors, “My family, they don’t smoke. So it’s basically if I want to smoke I have to smoke my e-cigarette and not a real cigarette, because I can’t smoke in the house. And of course I’m not going to go outside and smoke a real cigarette in the rain, because that’s not going to happen.” (28 year old man)
 When alone “Sharing e-cig is kinda gross. I mostly use e-cig when I am alone.” (22 year old man)
 Inside a vehicle “He went back to traditional cigarettes, and then he still uses his e-cig in his company van and stuff. Because he can’t smoke in there.” (26 year old woman)
 When there is no time to take a shower after “smoking” “When I don’t want to have to shower right after—e-cigarettes I like because I can smoke it, when I’m not stressed out it takes the edge off, and then I don’t stink.” (30 year old woman)
Tobacco substitute  
 When cigarette is not available “Yeah when I don’t have cigarettes, I use my e-cig.” (24 year old man)
 When hookah is not available “I like hokaah too. Because of the flavors. And e-cigs are like mini-hookah to me, without all the hassles of a hookah.” (23 year old woman)
 When smoking is not allowed “But cigarettes still, they fight the edge or what not. I’m smoking these, like the Logics. These Logic things are like ten bucks and last, it’s supposed to be like a carton… not a carton, but a pack of cigarettes, something like that. I’ll smoke one of those, keep it in my pocket at all times, you know what I mean? If I’m on the bus, chilling in the mall somewhere, as soon as I get out and there’s fresh air and I can smoke a cigarette, guarantee that cigarette is coming out of my pocket” (35 year old man)