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Table 1 Overview of life balance program

From: Life Balance – a mindfulness-based mental health promotion program: conceptualization, implementation, compliance and user satisfaction in a field setting

Module Interventions Aimed at enhancing the following protective factors
1: Mindfulness Mindfulness exercisesab Metacognitive awareness
2: Compassionate inner coach Psychoeducation, self-compassion-exercisesc Self-compassion and -worth
3: Values Evaluation of one’s own valuesb Sense of coherence, purpose in life
4: Social networks and validating communication Social network analysis and communication traininga Social support and social communication skills
5: The art of change Problem-solvinga Self-efficacy, flexible coping
6: Dealing with obstacles Defusion,b acceptancea Emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility
7: Reflection and consolidation Behavior analysisa Self-efficacy
  1. aDBT
  2. bACT
  3. cCFT