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Table 1 Comparison of missing percentages by socio-demographic characteristics and mean of women’s age, mean of Absolute Wealth Index, and mean of BMI by missing and non-missing cases

From: Overweight status of the primary caregivers of orphan and vulnerable children in 3 Southern African countries: a cross sectional study

  Swaziland Missing data for the presence of OVC at home % of missing cases
 Urban 5.2
 Rural 16.3
Women’s education  
 No education 11.8
 Primary education 11.9
 Secondary education 13.5
 Higher education 10.4
Marital status  
 Never married 14.0
 Married 12.0
 Widowed 9.4
 Divorced 10.0
Work status  
 Not working 13.4
 Agriculture 8.1
 Other than agriculture 12.2
Women age (mean)  
 Missing and non-missing cases 32.04
 Only missing cases 31.79
Household Wealth Index (mean)  
 Missing and non-missing cases 6.21
 Only missing cases 5.86
BMI (mean)  
 Missing and non-missing cases 29.53
 Only missing cases 30.07
Little’s MCAR Test Chi-square = 5.37, DF = 3, p-value = 0.15