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Table 1 MPOWER measures

From: Overview of systematic reviews on the health-related effects of government tobacco control policies

MPOWER measure Description
Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies Surveillance of the prevalence, determinants and impacts of tobacco use, and measuring the effects of tobacco control interventions (FCTC Article 20)
Protect people from tobacco smoke Reduce secondhand smoke exposure through comprehensive smoke-free legislation in public spaces, including all indoor workplaces (FCTC Article 8)
Offer help to quit tobacco use Cessation support through advice from healthcare providers, telephone quit lines and easily-accessible or low cost medications (FCTC Article 14)
Warn about the dangers of tobacco Warnings on tobacco packaging and anti-tobacco media campaigns to promote awareness on the health consequences of smoking (FCTC Article 11 and Article 12)
Enforce bans on tobacco advertising and sponsorship Bans on direct (e.g., television advertisements, billboards) and indirect (e.g., industry-sponsored events) marketing of tobacco products (FCTC Article 13)
Raise taxes on tobacco Increasing the price of tobacco products through taxation (FCTC Article 6)