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Table 1 Notation in the age-structured compartment model and corresponding PDEs

From: Optimizing strategies for population-based chlamydia infection screening among young women: an age-structured system dynamics approach

S(t,τ) Susceptible f Fraction of asymptomatic infections
E(t,τ) Exposed 1/γ Incubation time
I a (t,τ) Asymptomatically infected 1/r a Duration of the asymptomatic period
I s (t,τ) Symptomatically infected 1/r s Duration of the symptomatic period
R(t,τ) Recovered 1/μ Duration of the temporary immunity
β(τ) Age-dependent infection rate   after natural clearance of asymptomatic infection
λ(τ) Age-dependent screening rate 1/r PID Duration of acute PID onset