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Table 1 Definitions of protective practices asked in household questionnaires and corresponding household inclusion criteria for analyses

From: Protective practices against zoonotic infections among rural and slum communities from South Central Chile

Exposure category Household inclusion criteria (n) Protective practice Definition
Rodents All households (n = 422) Extermination Use of traps or poison to eliminate rodents
Food Storage Use of a container with a sealed lid for food storage
Trash Disposal Use of a covered container for a household trash receptacle such as a bin or bucket with a lid
Occupation Household owns at least one animal classified as livestock, and at least one household member reported regular contact with livestock (e.g., during the birthing process, milking or butchering animals, or cleaning animal barns) (n = 127) Preventive Veterinary Care Use of vaccinations or anti-parasitic treatment for at least one of the animals that the household owns at least once
Wearing Boots Wearing rubber boots when working with livestock
Wearing Gloves Wearing gloves when working with livestock
Garden Household has at least one livestock, pet, or other animal and has a vegetable garden (n = 233) Restricting Animal Access Preventing livestock and domestic animals from entering the vegetable garden and surrounding area.
Wearing Boots Wearing rubber boots when working in the garden
Wearing Gloves Wearing gloves when working in the garden