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Table 2 Summary for two-step cluster analysis

From: A cross sectional study on the motivators for Asian women to attend opportunistic mammography screening in a private hospital in Malaysia: the MyMammo study

Model Exclusiona Number of Clusters Schwarz's Bayesian Criterion (BIC) Cluster quality
Full model None 4 18827.990 Poor
Model 1 Exclude smoking status 2 18959.512 Fair
Model 2 Exclude age at menarche 5 16456.869 Poor
Model 3 Exclude oral contraceptive status 2 16212.759 Fair
Model 4 Exclude Gynaecology surgery status 2 15089.163 Fair
Model 5 Exclude ethnicity 3 12973.058 Fair
Model 6 Exclude parity status 2 13416.631 Fair
Model 7 Exclude menopausal status include parity 3 13372.869 Fair
Model 8 Exclude menopausal status 3 13453.375 Fair
  1. aFull model consists of all variables in Table 1, mammography history, age at first screening and motivators for attending screening. Model 1 – Model 8: sequentially excluding variables with least association with mammography history