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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria in the FLAMENCO project

From: Cost-effectiveness of an exercise intervention program in perimenopausal women: the Fitness League Against MENopause COst (FLAMENCO) randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
- Age: 45–60 years old.
- Not to have severe somatic or psychiatric disorders, or diseases that prevent physical exercise (Answer “no” to all questions on the PAR-Q).
- Not to be engaged in regular physical activity >20 min on >3 days/week in the last three months.
- To be able to ambulate without assistance.
- To be able to communicate.
- Informed consent: To be capable and willing to provide informed consent.
Exclusion criteria
- Acute or terminal illness.
- Myocardial infarction in the past 3 months.
- Unstable cardiovascular disease or other medical condition.
- Upper or lower extremity fracture in the past 3 months.
- Unwillingness to either complete the study requirements or to be randomised into control or intervention group.
- Presence of neuromuscular disease or drugs affecting neuromuscular function.
  1. PAR-Q: Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire