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Table 5 Format parents would like for a new resource for parents to encourage healthy eating and body image in children

From: What parents know and want to learn about healthy eating and body image in preschool children: a triangulated qualitative study with parents and Early Childhood Professionals

Ideas mentioned by parents Number of groups mentioning Theme developed
Something we can come back to 5 Ongoing resource
Book 4 Paper resource
Booklet 7
Downloadable booklet 2
paper 1
Folder for fact sheets 1
Website 8 Electronic resources
Online forum 3
Email 3
Facebook 1
Blogs 1
Electronic resource 1
Flyers to advertise website 3
Seminar/info night 5 Seminars
 - with follow-up session 1
DVD/video 3 Visual
Visual/graphs/pics 3
Multiple formats 1 Other
Multilingual 1
Simple/easy/quick (parents are busy) 7 Quick/Brief
Brief, with options for further reading 7
Target to all parents & children (e.g., Genders, cultures, SES, rural) 8 Be accessible to wide range of parents
Accessible 4
Realistic/applicable guidelines/options 9 Realistic guidelines
Dos & don’ts (promote health, avoid damage) 3
Checklist 1
Evidence based research 8 Evidence base
Reasons for strategies (why it will work) 2
Acknowledge source of info 1
Resource for child (e.g., book/toy/activity/app) 7 Child resource
Tip sheets/fact sheets/dot points (but not too many) 6 Tip sheets/dot points
Clear/plain language 1
Parent tips/stories - yes 5 Parent stories
        - not helpful (do not include) 2
Resource for instructors e.g., Dance/sport 1 Supplement for non-parents