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Table 1 Description of study participants by category and gender

From: Understanding attitudes, barriers and challenges in a small island nation to disease and partner notification for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections: a qualitative study

Category Description Number gender
Health care workers (HCW) 5 physicians, 2 nurses involved in Public Health HIV care 4 male
3 female
Government position (Govt) 1 physician, 1 social worker, other 4 persons affiliated to various non-medical organisations/commissions 2 male
4 female
People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) 3 people from organisations concerned with HIV, 1 person with HIV 3 male
1 female
Nongovernmental organisations (NGO) Representatives of youth organizations, 2 men’s groups, 2 women’s groups, 2 churches, 2 private sector business organisations and 2 other non-governmental organizations 9 male
3 female