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Table 3 Participants cited in this paper

From: Under the banyan tree - exclusion and inclusion of people with mental disorders in rural North India

Pseud-onym Age Sex Possible mental illness Religion Household situation
Raju 45 M Bipolar disorder Hindu Lives with wife and 2 adult children
Firoz 42 M Schizophrenia Muslim Lives with brother Faiz and his family
Faiz 48 M - Muslim Brother of Firoz, lives with wife and children
Nilofer 35 F Post-partum psychosis Muslim Lives with husband and 5 children under 10 years
Perez* 28 M Bipolar disorder Muslim Lives with wife and their children in his parent’s home, and sister Pakeeza
Pakeeza 25 F - Muslim PCG, lives with parents and 11 siblings and their families, including Perez
Anju 28 F Post-partum psychosis Hindu Lives with husband and 2 children
Golu 35 F Schizophrenia Muslim Single woman head of household, 4 children, husband working in Delhi
Kundan* 24 M Schizophrenia Hindu Lives with parents Kartik and Kavita, and brother
Kartik 50 M - Hindu PCGs, live with Kundan and one other son
Kavita 49 F - Hindu  
Pravin* 24 M Schizophrenia Hindu Lives with mother Preeti and 2 siblings
Preeti 50 F - Hindu PCG, widowed, lives with Pravin and 2 other children
Jitin* 45 M Schizophrenia Hindu Lives with wife, Jyoti and 4 children
Jyoti 45 F - Hindu PCG, lives with husband Jitin, and 4 children
Lata 45 F Post-partum psychosis / depression Hindu Lives with husband and children, including 2 married sons and their wives
Shmayla 32 F Post-partum psychosis Muslim Lives with husband and 3 children with her sisters also living nearby
  1. “*” indicates person with mental disorder who was too unwell to contribute to interview and therefore his/her primary caregiver (PCG) data was also used in analysis.