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Table 2 Demographic characteristics, risk factors, and serum agglutination test and culture isolated of six brucellosis cases found among household family members of brucellosis index cases

From: Expansion of brucellosis detection in the country of Georgia by screening household members of cases and neighboring community members

ID Age (yrs) Sex Region Occupation Consumed unpasteurized dairy products Slaughter at home Boil milk Wear gloves when handling animals SAT Culture isolated
X04-C1 33 F Kvemo Kartli housewife Yes Yes Yes No 1:640 Neg
X13-C2 16 M Mtskheta-Mtianeti student Yes Yes No Yes Neg B. melitensis
X14-C9 8 M Kakheti other Yes Yes Yes No data Neg B. melitensis
X19-C1 48 M Kvemo Kartli other No No No No data 1:640 Neg
X28-C3 62 F Kvemo Kartli unemployed Yes No No data No 1:320 Neg
X30-C2 27 M Kvemo Kartli unemployed Yes No Yes No data 1:320 Neg
  1. Note: F = female; M = male; SAT = serum agglutination test.