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Table 4 Summary of school site visit themes

From: Needs assessment of school and community physical activity opportunities in rural West Virginia: the McDowell CHOICES planning effort

Theme Summary of theme
Leadership and capacity building Individuals or groups within the school are needed to champion PA opportunities. School level PA leaders can build and develop connections with families, school personnel, and the community.
PA access and opportunities Efforts to integrate physical activity throughout the school day – before, during, and after – are important.
PE/PA equipment and resources Additional equipment, resources, and materials for teachers to deliver a quality PE curriculum and a variety of other physical activity programming is needed.
Physical fitness data Management and Reporting The use of a standardized method of fitness testing, data collection and reporting is needed.
Equity and access to safe and usable play space Indoor physical space where children can be active during the school day is adequate and often times optimal, however outdoor play spaces often lack maintenance and upkeep.
Community connections Existing or potential partnerships with community members or organizations with physical activity goals should be optimized, including shared use agreements with the schools.