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Table 1 Measures used in the Get Moving Trial

From: Protocol for Get Moving: a randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of three minimal contact interventions to promote fitness and physical activity in working adults

Measure(s) Screening Baseline visit 12-week follow-up visit Post 12-week follow-up
Co-primary outcome measures     
Physical activity    
Cardiorespiratory fitness    
Anthropometric measures     
Waist circumference    
Body fat %    
Biological measures     
Blood pressure, heart rate, ECG (done at follow-up for participants that need a medical review), HbA1c, fructosamine, total cholesterol, HDL- and LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, plasma vitamin C    
Degree of intervention use     
Paper-based physical activity diary use (Diary group)    
Use of physical activity band from Imperative Health (Activity Band & Activity Band Plus groups)    
No. of times the Imperative Health website was visited (Activity Band & Activity Band Plus groups)    
Demographic measures     
Date of birth   
Living situation     
Number of children in household     
Highest education level     
Ethnic origin     
Psychological measures     
Theory of planned behaviour questionnaire     
Theory of planned behaviour monitoring questionnaire (post-randomisation questionnaire) Completed two weeks post randomisation
Conscientiousness questionnaire     
Self-reported health behaviours     
Recent physical activity (R-PAQ)     
Functional status (SF-8)    
Perceived stress (4-item PSS)    
Self-report habit index questionnaire    
Gym membership    
Smoking status    
Vitamin supplement use    
Prescribed medications    
Frequency of self-weighing    
Other questionnaires/single-item questions     
Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire (GLTEQ)    
Participating in other research    
GP advised against doing physical activity    
Beta-blocker use    
Pregnancy status    
Able to walk briskly for ≥15 minutes    
Access to and ability to use a home PC and internet    
Ability to use an English language website    
Leaving job in next 16 weeks    
Self-report of doctor diagnosed diabetes    
Rose Angina questionnaire    
Main study goal     
Job satisfaction     
Contact with other study participants (yes/no)     
Self-monitoring behaviour     
Use of physical activity advice websites (yes/no)     
Satisfaction with study participation    
Programme evaluation questionnaire    
Absence from work due to illness