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Table 4 Barriers teachers faced in delivering SFS sessions

From: Process evaluation of a sport-for-health intervention to prevent smoking amongst primary school children: SmokeFree Sports

Barriers to delivery Quotes
Time “Did not have time to complete all activities”. (Teacher, school 20, self-evaluation data)
Environment “It was weather more than anything you know. The game where we had to have the cones and you had to turn them over, we were out in a force 10 gale and they were just blowing everywhere and they were getting really upset”. (Teacher, school 1, interview data)
Educational understanding “Some children didn’t have good knowledge of human body - this meant that they needed lots of support with bean bag game”. (Teacher (1), school 41, self-evaluation data)
Behaviour “I quite often had characters in a bit of a sulk because of it [being put on the ‘smokers’ team]”. (Teacher, school 13, interview data)
Children’s preferences “Used the same messages but changed the sport to basketball instead of football due to previous issues with some of the girls engaging with the context. The children loved the session”. (Teacher (1), school 8, self-evaluation data)