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Table 3 Barriers coaches faced in delivering SFS sessions

From: Process evaluation of a sport-for-health intervention to prevent smoking amongst primary school children: SmokeFree Sports

Barriers to delivery Quotes
School setting  
Class size “Like the one [name of school], they’ve only got like nine kids in each class, so we delivered with nine kids. So obviously the session changes, we ended up putting an extra game in I think there, just because you go through things too quickly”. (Coach 1, interview data)
Environment “Obviously some schools have a big hall and some schools don’t have such a big hall, so it was mainly the facility we could use and also class size that altered on how the session was delivered”. (Coach 2, interview data)
Time “Yeah, we found that when we were going after dinner time, so it was normally the half one session. Obviously the children had just got in from dinner time so where the session was meant to start at half one, by the time they have gone back up to the classroom, got settled, got changed that might have went to a quarter to two and obviously you have to wrap that back up and have the session done for maybe twenty, twenty five past [two] or so”. (Coach 5, interview data)
Behaviour “… I had to adapt that in a couple of schools because they [children] were just getting silly and trying to hit each other really as they were coming through, so I adapted that slightly”. (Coach 7, interview data)
Disabilities “The only one [session] we had to modify… there was a few kids with disabilities in the school, in the class that we done, and that was just stuff we know how to adapt to anyway”. (Coach 6, interview data)