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Table 5 Logistic regression analysis: Adjusted Odds Ratios (AOR) of obesity according to alternative definitions of fast food consumption

From: The association between neighborhood economic hardship, the retail food environment, fast food intake, and obesity: findings from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin

  Continous modela) Categorial modela)
  Predictor AOR 95% CI Predictor AOR 95% CI
Fast food consumption # of meals per week 1.08** (1.02, 1.14) <2 meals per week 1  
≥2meals per week 1.35 (0.99, 1.84)
  1. OR Odds Ratio, CI Confidence interval;
  2. a)model is adjusted for gender, age, race/ethnicity, education, income, physical activity and urbanicity;
  3. **p < 0.01.