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Table 1 Outcomes description, effect size estimates, and their standard errors for engagee and community outcomes

From: The effectiveness of community engagement in public health interventions for disadvantaged groups: a meta-analysis

Study Outcome type Outcome description ES estimate Standard error
Binary data (logged odds ratios)    
Government [ 20 ] Community outcome Local area improved in the last three years 1.59*** 0.07
Fried [ 21 ] Engagee Health More physical activity at post-test 2.21*** 0.37
Fried [ 21 ] Engagee Social support/capital/inclusion Could have used more emotional support from others in the past year 6.57*** 0.54
Continuous data (standardised mean differences)    
Ernst [ 22 ] Community outcome Connection with health and social services 0.57* 0.24
Watkins [ 23 ] Engagee Skills Lay health workers knowledge Missing Missing
Winkleby [ 24 ] Engagee Empowerment Perceptions that advocacy activities would result in changes 1.43*** 0.14
  1. *p < .05, ***p < .001. Statistical significance indicates the effect size estimate is significantly different from zero. ES = effect size. ‘Missing’ refers to an outcome that is reported as measured but insufficient data is provided to calculate an effect size.