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Table 3 Items documented in the individual questionnaires (IQ)*

From: Addressing social issues in a universal HIV test and treat intervention trial (ANRS 12249 TasP) in South Africa: methods for appraisal

  Phase 1 1stcontact IQ1 Phase 1 2ndcontact IQ2** Phase 1 3rdcontact IQ3 Phase 2 IQ
Home-based individual questionnaire     
Education X   X X
Employment and income** X X X X
Marital status X X X X
Parenthood X   X X
Attitudes and beliefs about HIV infection and treatment* X X X X
HIV testing behaviour X   X X
Attitudes and beliefs about HIV testing X   X X
Knowing someone with HIV infection X   X X
Self-reported knowledge of HIV status X X X X
Partnerships and sexual network patterns X   X X
Prevention and risk behaviours:     
- Alcohol X X X X
- Condom use X   X X
- Male circumcision     X
Quality of life X   X X
Stigma towards PLWHIV X   X X
Health care use and expenditure   X   X
Safety and security   X   X
Home-based HIV testing     
Dried Blood Spot X X X X
Home HIV counselling and rapid testing X X X X
  1. *The individual questionnaire is administered at each home-based testing rounds, i.e. theoretically every six months. Phase 1 took place between March 2012 and May 2014. Phase 2 started in June 2014.
  2. **Questions in IQ1/IQ3 and IQ2 are slightly different. All of them are incorporated in the phase 2 IQ. The IQ2 module is a shorter version of the IQ1/IQ3 module.
  3. PLWHIV: people living with HIV.