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Table 2 Prevalence of workplace violence towards homecare workers in the past year

From: Workplace violence against homecare workers and its relationship with workers health outcomes: a cross-sectional study

  % N
Verbal aggression Yes Yes
  Been yelled, shouted, or sworn at 41.6 496
  Had someone be verbally aggressive to you 34.7 408
  Had someone cry to make you feel guilty 29.2 351
Workplace aggression   
  Been cornered or placed in a position that was difficult to get out of 18.6 223
  Had a door abruptly shut in your face 11.3 135
  Had someone try to hit you with something 9.3 112
  Had someone harm themselves in front of you 6.5 78
  Been threatened with a weapon other than a knife or a gun 2.2 26
  Been threatened with a gun 0.8 9
Workplace violence   
  Threat of violence (had someone threaten to throw something at you, hit you, had someone smash or kick something in your presence or display a loss of control) 20.8 248
  Had someone try to hit you but failed, been kicked, bitten, hit with a fist, pushed, grabbed, shoved, or slapped 14.1 168
  Been spat on or bumped with unnecessary force 9.1 108
  Had your personal property damaged or destroyed (car, cell phone) 4.9 59
  Had someone threaten to kill you 1.6 19
  Had somebody handle a gun or a knife in a threatening way 1.6 19
  Had someone fire a gun in your presence 0.4 5
  Been choked 0.2 3
Sexual harassment   
  Exposure to sexual explicit materials or comments 21.2 245
  Sexual harassment (been target of rumors of sexual promiscuity, whistled or leered at, teased sexually, had sexual compliments) 16.6 191
  Sexism (gender–based insults, sexist remarks) 13.9 161
  Been asked personally intrusive question about your body or sex life 12.4 144
  Received repeated requests for dates 3.5 41
  Received sexual notes or other correspondence, been sexually propositioned (i.e., inited to engage in sexual intercourse) 3.1 36
  Been offered money for sex 0.9 11
Sexual aggression   
  Experienced someone breaking your personal boundaries, or been pinched, patted, hugged, or had an arm around you in a way that made you uncomfortable 11.3 134
  Been fondled or touched in a sexual way 3.1 37
  Had someone unnecessarily expose themselves in front of you 2.7 32
  Been kissed in a way that made you feel uncomfortable 2.3 28
  Had somebody physically restrain you 1.0 12
  Been raped (e.g., forced to have sex against your will) 0.3 3