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Table 4 Summary of Behaviour Change Session Content

From: Lifestyle modification and metformin as long-term treatment options for obese adolescents: study protocol

1 Developing group cohesion Come up with team name and cheer, discuss benefits of being part of a team.
  Self-monitoring Learn how to use a pedometer and physical activity log. Monitor activity over next week.
2 Self-monitoring Discuss activity over last week. Continue to monitor.
  Continue to foster group cohesion Set up the buddy system (check in with other group member during week to discuss physical activity).
3 Goal setting
Group cohesions
Aware of current activity, set individual and group goal based on FITT principal.
4 Overcoming barriers to
physical activity
Discuss achieving goal. Anything that stopped them?
Brainstorm how to overcome.
5 Rewards
Living balanced lifestyle
How to use rewards to help motivate
Look at active/inactive activities in a day
6 Review Jeopardy-style review of what have learned so far
7 Planning Learned to set daily plan for physical activity
8 Exercise at home
Set new PA goal
Develop exercise plan can do at home
9 Overcoming lapses Discuss how to get back on track
10 Keys to success Discuss cues can use to remind about and stay motivated for daily physical activity
Discuss and practice thought stopping and positive self-talk
11 Review Review all behaviour change skills learned over past 12 weeks.
Discuss how every skill can help each person.
12 Review