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Table 1 Key findings relating to parental alcohol misuse from two 2004 national household surveys (HfSE, GHS).

From: New estimates of the number of children living with substance misusing parents: results from UK national household surveys

Survey HSfE GHS
Year 2004 2004
Sample 6,704 adults 16,715 adults
% with at least 1 child <16 in the household 30.4% 29.0%
No. of children living in the household 1990 4163
Mean age of children <16 7.7 years 7.7 years
Current drinkers 82.1% 81.4%
Binge drinkers 16.7% 17.3%
Mental Health problem1 12.1% 2.5%
Binge drinker with 1+ child 35.3% 33.0%
Sub-sample 2   
Hazardous or Dangerous drinkers 5.1% 4.9%
Dangerous drinkers 1% 1%
Hazardous/Dangerous drinkers with 1+child 22.% 23.4%
Dangerous drinker with 1+child 20.0% 24.8%
  1. 1Defined by a score of 4+ on the GHQ in the HSfE and the presence of at least one ICD mental health problem in the GHS
  2. 2 For a sub-sample - those reporting alcohol units consumed on heaviest day in the past week, number of drinking days in past week and reporting that they drink the same amount each day, weekly units could be calculated. Hazardous refers to those exceeding 14 and 21 units weekly for females/males respectively. Dangerous drinking refers to those exceeding 35 and 50 units weekly for females/males respectively. However this sample was too small to generate population estimates from these surveys.