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Table 1 Factor loadings (oblique rotation) for modified HCCQ Questionnaire

From: Physician support for diabetes patients and clinical outcomes

Item Origin Factor 1 Factor 2
1) I feel my doctor has provided me with choices HCCQ 0.73755 0.16272
2) I feel understood by my doctor HCCQ 0.83308 0.10529
3) My doctor conveys confidence in my ability to make changes HCCQ 0.81818 0.06163
4) My doctor encourages me to ask questions HCCQ 0.86087 0.05970
5) My doctor listens to what I think HCCQ 0.89648 0.01723
6) My doctor tries to understand my view before suggesting a new way to do things. HCCQ 0.86835 0.05433
7) My doctor regularly reviews with me how I am doing in managing all aspects of my diabetes Supplement 0.44656 0.52897
8) My doctor makes calls to find out how I am doing managing my diabetes Supplement 0.06431 0.77974
9) My doctor have worked with me to develop a plan so I know how to take care of my diabetes Supplement 0.33954 0.62477
10) Do you have a copy of the plan in writing Supplement -0.05039 0.52797
11) Do you work with your doctor to set sets personal goals Supplement 0.06520 0.67932
12) How often did the doctor call to check and see how you were doing without you calling him first. supplement -0.11627 0.78835