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Table 1 Population risk groups and their associated estimated population size used in EPP analysis

From: Determining a cost effective intervention response to HIV/AIDS in Peru

Population Population size (15 years +) Details of estimation
MSM 620,978* Based on 2005 estimate [23]
FSW 25,500† 2002 figure (average) based national aids programme report to UNAIDS[49]
Pregnant women 587,000‡ 2005 Figures based on births per year[50]
Remaining population 26,040,522 2005 Figures from UN Population data base and calculated by subtracting populations from [50]
  1. *MSM remain in this group for lifetime
  2. † FSWs are estimated to remain in this population for an average of 5 years and return to remaining population afterwards
  3. ‡ Pregnant women remain in population for one year and return to remaining population afterwards