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Table 1 In-depth interview questions for early childhood service and primary school staff

From: Developing an award program for children's settings to support healthy eating and physical activity and reduce the risk of overweight and obesity

Key areas of investigation Questions
Rationale for involvement in the program What underlying rationale/marketing angle would motivate your school/service to engage in a program that promotes healthy eating and physical activity?
  Of any health initiatives undertaken at your school/service that involve healthy eating/physical activity, what was the motivation behind taking action?
  What do you think would be the benefits to a school/service in improving children's physical activity and healthy eating? Are there any negative aspects?
Features that would motivate settings' involvement What types of features would appeal to you in terms of motivating your school/service to sign up to this program?
  Can you comment on this design in relation to:
  • Would this help your school/service plan and implement changes?
  • Is it a clear design?
  • Are there things to remove or add?
  What form of recognition would you like for being a part of this program?
Feasibility of the proposed design of the award program What might be some of the barriers to being involved in the program? (E.g. time required, perceived workload, perceptions of school's council, parents and friends, food services, teachers, students)
  Planning - what would you need to do or be prepared to do to implement the program in your school/service?
Support required to implement the program What is the best way to get information about the program out to schools/services?
  What do you think is the best way to implement and maintain these changes in your school/service?
  Do policies already exist on healthy eating and physical activity? How capable do you feel your school/service is in developing policies for healthy eating and physical activity? How could this program assist?