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Table 1 Components of the exercise programme [35]

From: Referral from primary care to a physical activity programme: establishing long-term adherence? A randomized controlled trial. Rationale and study design

Component Includes these exercises Repetitions per exercisea Duration of a single exercise or repetition Duration per 60 minutes class Major benefits
Warm-up - Range-of-motion.
- Low-intensity aerobics.
4–8 2 seconds per repetition 10 minutes minimum - Increases internal body temperature.
- Injury prevention.
Aerobics - Aerobic exercises (e.g. walking, swimming, cycling) Varies Varies 15–30 minutes - Cardio respiratory endurance.
Resistance training - Body- weightb exercises.
- Resistance exercises.
8–15 6 seconds per repetition 15–30 minutes - Muscular strength and endurance.
Cool-down - Stretching. 1 30–45 seconds per stretch 5–30 minutes - Improved flexibility.
  - Relaxation techniques.
- Stress-reduction techniques.
Varies Varies 5–30 minutes - Relaxation, stress reduction.
  1. aSeveral factors determine the number of repetitions, such as the component of exercise, the level of fitness of the participant, the level of progress for that exercise, day-to-day variations in the participant's state, and the total amount of time available for the exercise class.
  2. bBody-weight exercises are exercises in which one's body weight, such as the weight of one's arm or legs, serves as the resistance.