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Table 5 Forward stepwise regression analysis between medication choice, smoking characteristics and demographic data and short term abstinence*

From: Do implementation issues influence the effectiveness of medications? The case of nicotine replacement therapy and bupropion in UK Stop Smoking Services

  Odds ratio P value
Inhalator - .23
Patch - .32
Gum - .47
Nasal spray - .65
Lozenge - .93
Microtab - .60
Gender (male/female) 1.39 .003
Age 1.02 <.001
Marital status (single, divorced or separated/married or with partner) 1.33 .009
FTND .95 .03
Service type (community/clinic) 1.46 .002
  1. * This table presents the output from a forward stepwise multiple regression where variables reaching significance in the univariate analysis (Table 3) were included in the model alongside choice of NRT product. All of the NRT variables did not make it into the final model.