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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics for index groups and the general workforce

From: Do the socioeconomic impacts of antiretroviral therapy vary by gender? A longitudinal study of Kenyan agricultural worker employment outcomes

  Men Women
  General Workforce/1 Index Group General Workforce Index Group
Number 1691 41 794 56
Age in years/2 38.5 38.4 40.6 40.5
Years of Work Experience/2 9.8 9.0 10.5 9.9
CD4 count for initiating ART     
   Mean   144   183
   Median   145   187
   IQR   68–224   105–270
  1. /1 The general workforce is defined as all permanently employed tea pluckers assigned to the same work gangs as workers in the index group who were hired at least 24 months before the index worker in their gang initiated ART.
  2. /2 Age and work experience were evaluated as of the month and year that the index worker in each gang initiated ART.