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Table 6 Epidemiological studies from the UK and Ireland- injuries in the general population

From: A review of injury epidemiology in the UK and Europe: some methodological considerations in constructing rates

Author and date Type of study/data source Population
Level of
Epidemiological observation Major findings Epidemiological shortcomings
Lyons et al., 2003 [60] descriptive study/Patient Episode Database for Wales general population/2.84 million
hospitalization proportions by age, type, cause; crude and world standardised rates by age, cause, deprivation category (Townsend score), hospitalisation ratios 1997–1999
1493/100,000 (world) standard admission rate; socioeconomic gradients in children and older people for pedestrian assault related injuries
No information on severity of injury
McKee et al., 1990 [62] descriptive study/Hospital A&E data sample of general population – one rural area Northern Ireland A&E rates; regression (A&E attendance – distance travelled, socio-economic variables) 1986 22000/100,000 attendance rate
association of injury with travel distance to A&E
(r = -0.73); no association with deprivation or practice characteristics
Extrapolation of results less likely, one geographical region
McNicholl & Cooke,
1995 [63]
descriptive study/Northern Ireland hospitals records general population/1 million
Northern Ireland
hospitalization proportions and rates by age, gender, cause, diagnosis, process of care (surgical procedures), outcome (death, persistent vegetative state, severe/moderate disability, good recovery) 1990/1991
23.2/100,000 incidence rate overall/20.5/100,000 excluding terrorist activities (injuries ISS >15)
1 year only study, only injuries ISS>15 (excludes pre-hospital deaths)
Boland et al., 2005 [68] descriptive study/Central Office Statistics;
Hospital In Patient Enquire data
general population
Republic of Ireland
deaths, hospitalization proportions, standardised mortality and admission ratios by cause, age, gender, urban vs. rural 1980–2000/1993–2000
unintentional injuries
Standardized mortality/admission ratios
(rural) 103.0/104.6
No information on severity
Scallan et al., 2004 [67] descriptive study/Central Statistics Office;
Hospital In Patient Enquire
general population
deaths, hospitalization proportions and rates by cause, type Highlights the importance of using morbidity (1993–1997, 1239.9/100,000) & mortality (1980–1996, 31.6/100,000) data on a complementary way;
1:39 deaths: hospital admissions ratio
Morbidity and mortality data cover different time periods; unintentional injuries