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Table 4 Examples of testimony suggesting amendments to proposed legislation

From: Evidence and argument in policymaking: development of workplace smoking legislation

Florida 1985 SPEAKER: Is it realistic to expect a 50 or a 75 figure to work in the real world?
  MR. JOHNSON [Florida Restaurant Association]: Well, Senators, the logic and the reason that we had asked for the 150 is that that is the dividing line between a restaurant which can get an SRX license to serve cocktails and one which cannot. As such, that is a number target at which architects, restaurateurs, others aim, because they want to get over that 150 threshold. If you look at where the total number of restaurant seats in the State of Florida, which is about 1.8 million is, the majority of those are over that threshold. It's perfectly correct that if you go to a small fast food place like an old style McDonald's or Burger King, though not the new ones, which will tend to be over that threshold too, you know, they will hover somewhere around 50–60 seats. So I guess what I'm saying is to us the logical cut point is 150 because for independent reasons that it is a size limit that is commonly aimed at. If that's not acceptable...
  SENATOR VOGT: But that's not before us. We've got a substitute amendment for 75 or an amendment for 100.
  MR. JOHNSON: That's fine.
  SENATOR MALCHON: He said he can live with it.
  MR. JOHNSON: We can live with 75.
  [elided discussion of amendment phrasing]
  MR. DICK [Beverage Dealers Association]: I have problems with it, with the 75. I'd like to take cocktail lounges out of it. I don't see any reason to have cocktail lounges in it.
  SENATOR VOGT: That wouldn't bother me either. I assume, you ought to get somebody offer your amendment.
  [elided discussion of alternate amendment]
  SENATOR MALCHON: Take the bars out.
  MR. DICK: Thank you, Senator.
Louisiana 1992 JO WOOD [Tobacco Institute]: Okay, the next amendment would be on page three, delete after the word, after the word "two"...
  SENATOR LANDRY: What line.
  JO WOOD: Line 2. After the number 2 delete the next sentence, which is line two, three, four and of five, office workplace. And all you're left with then under two is where the employer prohibits smoking in an office workplace, the area in which smoking is prohibited shall be clearly marked with signs. That's all that's going to be left under two.
Louisiana 1993 SENATOR JOHNSON: So you want smoking to be permitted in those rooms?
  JO WOOD: The gaming area.
  SENATOR LANDRY: Just the gaming area.
  JO WOOD: Separate.
  SENATOR LANDRY: The gaming area that's separate.