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Table 1 Physical Functional Limitation Measurement Scale

From: Education level and physical functional limitations among Japanese community residents-gender difference in prognosis from stroke

No need for assistance
   0: No physical functional limitations
   1: Go outdoors without assistance, using public transportation with some physical functional limitations
   2: Go outdoors without assistance within the neighborhood with some physical functional limitations
Need assistance when going outdoors but able to carry out indoor daily living activities indoors without assistance
   3: Get out of bed completely without assistance and go outdoors sometimes with assistance
   4: Stay in bed sometimes and go outdoors less frequently
Need assistance to carry out most of daily living activities
   5: Get into wheelchair without assistance, and eat meals and use the toilet out of bed.
   6: Need assistance to get into wheelchair
Bed-bound and eat meals, change clothes, and use the toilet with assistance
   7: Can roll over without assistance
   8: Cannot roll over without assistance