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Table 1 Information required for the estimation of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for rhodesiense sleeping sickness

From: Estimating the burden of rhodesiense sleeping sickness during an outbreak in Serere, eastern Uganda

Information type Specific data required Data sources
Years-of-life-lost (YLL) 1) Number of deaths - health unit records of case fatality by age/sex
   - case under-reporting estimates (by age and sex, based on Odiit et al. [30] and Fèvre et al. [21])
  2) Life expectancy - Uganda-specific life table for 2000 [31]
  3) Distribution of age at death - health unit records of case age (with or without age-weighted case fatality rate and under-reporting rate)
Years-of-life-lived with disability (YLD) 1) Disability weighting - expert opinion – see text (rhodesiense disability weighting not previously explicitly provided [16, 35])
  2) Duration of illness - pre-admission from Odiit et al. [37]
   - post-admission from health unit records of cases
  3) Age-weighting of productivity - health unit records of case age