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Table 4 Reasons for not disclosing HIV status to main sexual partner among HIV positive service users, Jimma University Specialized Hospital, March 2007

From: Disclosure experience and associated factors among HIV positive men and women clinical service users in southwest Ethiopia

Reasons for non-disclosure Frequency Percent
He/She might get angry with me 20 20.4
He/She might leave me 17 17.3
He/She might be afraid of catching HIV from me 16 16.3
I do not want him/her to worry 9 9.2
He/She might think I am unfaithful 7 7.1
He/She might think I am a bad person 6 6.1
No enough time to discuss because he/she works far away 6 6.1
He/She might hurt me physically 5 5.1
He/She might kill me 4 4.1
He/She may tell others 3 3.1
There is no need to tell until I am sick 3 3.1
He/She has too many other problems to deal with at that time 1 1.0
He/She is too young to handle it 1 1.0