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Table 1 Themes that emerged from interviews

From: Physical activity among adolescents and barriers to delivering physical education in Cornwall and Lancashire, UK: A qualitative study of heads of PE and heads of schools

Theme number in text Title of theme
  Themes that echo similar research results in existing literature Novel/new themes or themes offering a different viewpoint
1 Time constraints  
2 Restricted curriculum  
3 HRE (health related exercise) confusion: exercise equals competition  
4   Ethos of performance/elitism within PE dept. or school as a whole
5 The lure of sedentary behaviour  
6   Lower fitness leads to lower ability
7   Undervaluing activities
8 Local authority's provision of leisure  
9 Ethos of PA for life within the school  
10 National curriculum: time and ownership  
11   Role of the school
12   PE department doing all it can
13 Provision of good facilities  
14 Agencies (e.g., local authority encourage the inactive)  
15 Appropriate funding of PA  
16 Self confidence in children  
17 Children's home and social environment