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Table 1 Questionnaire of the representative telephone inquiry conducted in Czech Republic, France, Germany and Switzerland (March – May 2004).

From: Survey of public knowledge about Echinococcus multilocularisin four European countries: Need for proactive information

Questions response code
Question 1*:   
Do you think, it is all right that there live foxes in urban areas? Very good 1
Do you think, it is ... Rather good 2
(Enter a single response) Rather bad 3
  Very bad 4
  Don't know 5
Question 2:   
Have you ever heard about the fox tapeworm? Yes 1
  No 2
Question A3:   
Do you think you received reasonable information on the fox tapeworm? Yes 1
  No 2
  Don't know 3
Question A4:   
Do you think the fox tapeworm is a health risk to you? A high risk... 1
Do you think it is ..... A small risk 2
(Enter a single response) No risk 3
  Don't know 4
Question A5:   
Do you know how you are able to protect yourself against the fox tapeworm? To treat foxes 1
(Read and randomise list. Enter multiple responses.) To de-worm cats and dogs regularly 1
  To pick and eat no wild berries 1
  To wash food before eating 1
  To cook food before eating 1
  To avoid contact with fox excrement 1
  Don't know 9
  1. * for data analyses the answers to this question were summarized to the 3 categories: (a) "positive" = "very good" + "rather good", (b) "negative" = "very bad" + "rather bad" and (c) "don't know