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Table 1 Questionnaire about local health promotion programmes and projects for older people.

From: A survey of local health promotion initiatives for older people in Wales

Section 1 Projects that promote physical activity
e.g. encouraging increased activity; participation in sports and exercise.
What is the project title?
What is the overall aim of the project?
Is the project part of an overarching health promotion programme for older people? Yes/No
If yes, what is the strategic context of the programme? e.g. Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategy or Health Alliance Strategy.
Organisation(s) involved
Give name(s) and indicate whether statutory, voluntary or private sector agency. If one or two agencies lead the project, please specify which one(s) and give details of the main contact person in each.
e.g. the home; leisure centre or other community setting, primary care, secondary care, intermediate care; residential or nursing home.
Geographic scope of project
e.g. is the project throughout the local authority, or is it confined to specific communities or institutions?
Target group
Please give a brief description of any defining characteristics of the target group, for e.g. age, gender, social circumstances, health status if relevant (e.g. overweight, at high risk of CHD, has sustained a previous fall)
Numbers involved
Please give an estimate of the number of people in the target group who are currently involved in the project... ...and the maximum capacity of the project.
Evidence base
Is the project informed by evidence, eg guidelines, national service framework standards? Yes/No
If yes, please say what evidence was used.
Are processes in place for monitoring or evaluation of the project? Yes/No
If yes, please describe them.
Section 10 Training needs
This section applies to all the projects described in this questionnaire.
In the course of developing or running these projects, have you become aware of any training needs in relation to health promotion for older people? Yes/No
If yes, what were they and how have they been met?
If the training needs could not be met, please give reasons. e.g. were no appropriate courses available, or was there a lack of funding to pay for training?
  1. In consideration for space, only the questions are given here; other information such as instructions for completion and return are omitted. The questions were repeated for each of the eight topic areas and for "other projects" (if any) that did not fit the specific topic areas