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Table 1 Areas that influence SRHS and variables used to measure them in this study

From: Factors associated with self-rated health status in university students: a cross-sectional study in three European countries

Physical health/health related behaviours Psychological health/Personality Variables related to studying Social contacts/Social support Socio-demographic characteristics*
> 2 visits to a doctor+ Sense of coherence Importance of good grades (at university) Having (intimate) relationship Country
Physical activity Self efficacy Academic performance at the university (in comparison to peers) Number of persons who could provide social support Gender
BMI Perceived stress Burdens related to studying Satisfaction with social support Maternal education
Smoking status Well being   Living location during term/semester Sufficiency of income
Psychosomatic health complaints     
  1. BMI: body mass index.
  2. * Age was not included given little variation within the samples.
  3. + As indicator of acute or chronic illness (see limitations).