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Table 1 Variables of Patients Collected in both XML-Tag and HL7 Segments/Fields from Emergency Departments of the 189 Emergency-Care Designated Hospitals*

From: Establishing a nationwide emergency department-based syndromic surveillance system for better public health responses in Taiwan

Field Variables XML Tag HL7
Gender of Patients Sex PID.8
Age of Patients Calculated from Date of Birth Birthday PID.7.2
Address ZIP Codes of Patients ZipCode PID.11.5
Hospital identification number Hospital PV1.3.4
Admission Date/Time of Patients AdmitTime PV1.44
Major ICD-9-CM of ED Patients ICD9_1 DG1.3
Second ICD-9-CM of ED Patients ICD9_2 DG1.3
Third ICD-9-CM of ED Patients ICD9_3 DG1.3
Fourth ICD-9-CM of ED Patients ICD9_4 DG1.3
Chief complaints of ED patients Subject DG1.4
Major diagnostic category of ED Patients Access Category DG1.7
Body temperature (°C) of ED Patients Temperature OBX
  1. *Only variables of patients' medical information are presented. All the data of ED patients were de-identified before sending them to the Taiwan-CDC.