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Table 6 Factor analysis for physical activity change strategies scale (N = 512)

From: Development and validation of psychosocial determinants measures of physical activity among Iranian adolescent girls

How often you do each of the following.... Factor loadings
I say positive things to myself about physical activity 0.71
I set goals to do physical activity 0.70
I do things to make physical activity more enjoyable 0.70
When I get off track with my physical activity plans, I tell myself I can start again and get right back on track 0.70
I keep track of how much physical activity I do 0.67
I reward myself for being physically active 0.66
I look for information about physical activity or sports 0.61
I try different kinds of physical activity so that I have more options to choose from 0.59
I make back-up plans to be sure I get my physical activity 0.59
I put reminders around my home to be physically active 0.57
I find ways to get around the things that get in the way of being physically active 0.56
I have a friend or family member who encourages me to do physical activity 0.55
I try to think more about the benefits of physical activity 0.53
I think about the benefits I will get from being physically active 0.52
I think about how my surroundings affect the amount of physical activity I do (Surroundings are things like having exercise equipment at home or a park near by) 0.46
Eigen value 5.7
% variance explained 38.6
Choronbach's alpha 0.78
Mean inter item correlation 0.34
Pearson test-retest* 0.74
  1. *Test-retest stability with a 15-day interval (n = 93)