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Table 3 Factor analysis for physical activity self-efficacy scale (N = 512)

From: Development and validation of psychosocial determinants measures of physical activity among Iranian adolescent girls

Factor 1: Physical Activity Self-efficacy Factor loadings
Be physical activity even it raining or hot 0.79
Get up early, even on weekends, to do physical activity 0.79
Set aside time for physical activity on most days 0.77
Be physical activity even I have a lot of schoolwork 0.75
Be physical activity even my family want me to do something else 0.71
Be physical activity even I feel sad or stress 0.65
Eigen value 3.35
% variance explained 55.97
Choronbach's alpha 0.84
Mean inter item correlation 0.47
Pearson test-retest* 0.68
  1. *Test-retest stability with a 15-day interval (n = 93)