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Table 2 Consistency of responses to item 1 and other smoking-related items in Chinese-version GYTS (N = 382)

From: Chinese version of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey: cross-cultural instrument adaptation

Item number Item content Agreement (%)
1 Have you ever tried cigarette smoking, even 1 or 2 puffs? 100.0
2 How old were you when you first tried a cigarette? 99.2
35 Do you want to stop smoking now? 90.3
36 During the past year, have you ever tried to stop smoking cigarettes? 89.5
37 How long ago did you stop smoking? 87.4
38 What was the main reason you decided to stop smoking? 88.0
39 Do you think you would be able to stop smoking if you wanted to? 86.7
40 Have you ever received help or advice to help you stop smoking? 88.2