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Table 4 Theme of 'facilities and the physical environment' and supporting verbatim examples

From: Neighbourhood perceptions of physical activity: a qualitative study

Theme Verbatim Examples
Facilities & Physical Environment "It's beautiful there, it's outstanding like, but not the way it is, you are walking over cars and trucks and vandals and everything. If there was a system in place it would be as good a walk as any.....if you could get around the dogs that are running up there!" (Suzanne, focus group 6)
  "They go for a few weeks and then they drop off and then they are moaning that there is nothing going on. Now that really gets me because there are great things going on" (Sally, interview 14).
  "The club facilities aren't suitable......If fifteen players walk in to train and there are people in there, the players are going to take over". (Joe, focus group 2)
  "We need something like a big facility. I mean there are fields, there are fields all over the place. It would be grand if we did get something now, something for the kids, and the mothers could get some time on their own that way, or a big crèche and people might get out then" (Marie, interview 25)