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Table 3 Theme of 'social interaction and involvement' and supporting verbatim examples

From: Neighbourhood perceptions of physical activity: a qualitative study

Theme Verbatim Examples
Social Interaction & Involvement "I'd love to be able to play, you know play tennis because I think it's a sort of a social game as well as exercise, ..........I think, but another one would be volleyball, its another sort of a team game which is social enough as well" (James, focus group 5)
  "I'm in (name of gym) six or seven years now and I'll tell you it's the greatest thing for any fellow I'll tell you that, you know the fellows, you know the girls, you'll have a laugh and exercise when you want, it's the greatest thing ever" (Jack, focus group 4).
  "If there was a community based building where there was expertise inside in the building that could actually get people in a group situation and turn around and say look, this is what we will do Monday, this is what we will do Wednesday and this is what we will do Friday and draw out a plan for people that combines exercise with a healthy lifestyle, that is what is needed" (Eddie, focus group 4)
  "I'm living here and I don't know of anything going on around the place. You might get the paper the odd time and you might see something but there is nobody there to tell you, whether it's that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time I don't know" (Kate – focus group 6)