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Table 1 The questions and corresponding answers about knowledge of BSE

From: How do nurses and teachers perform breast self-examination: are they reliable sources of information?

BSE Knowledge The answers accepted as "true"
• Who should perform BSE? Both male and female individuals.
• When should a girl begin BSE? 19 years old or older.
• How often should BSE be performed? Monthly.
• When should a woman with regular menstruations do BSE? Two days after the cessation of menstruations.
• When should a woman with irregular menstruations do BSE? A regular day of each month.
• What will be the position of body while performing BSE? Standing (in front of the mirror) or lying.
• Which examination technique should be applied during BSE? Inspection and palpation (using any of circular, radial, or vertical methods, with the palmer side of three middle fingers. The contact should be continuous).