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Table 1 Top five African birth countries of foreign physicians registered in different destination countries, ranked by number of physician émigrés, emigration fraction, and physician migration density (in descending order)

From: The metrics and correlates of physician migration from Africa

Destination countries Source Countries
  Total number of physician émigrésa Emigration fractionb Physician migration densityc
  South Africa Malawi Seychelles
  Kenya Kenya Mauritius
  Nigeria Zambia Kenya
  Egypt Tanzania South Africa
  Uganda Uganda Libya
  Egypt Liberia Egypt
  Nigeria Gambia South Africa
  South Africa Ghana Ghana
  Kenya Ethiopia Liberia
  Ghana Eritrea Cape Verde
  Algeria Senegal Algeria
  Morocco Algeria Tunisia
  Tunisia Central African Republic Mauritius
  Madagascar Togo Morocco
  Senegal Madagascar Senegal
  South Africa Tanzania Seychelles
  Egypt Eritrea Mauritius
  Tanzania Mauritius South Africa
  Kenya Seychelles Namibia
  Uganda Somalia Libya
All nine destination countries #    
  Algeria Mozambique Mauritius
  South Africa Guinea-Bissau São Tomé & Principe
  Egypt Angola Seychelles
  Morocco Liberia Cape Verde
  Nigeria Equatorial Guinea Algeria
  1. #United Kingdom, United States, France, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and South Africa
  2. aTotal number of physician émigrés: the total number of currently employed doctors who were born in Africa and have lived long enough in the destination country to be part of that country's census.
  3. bEmigration fraction: the ratio of the number of physician émigrés to the sum of the number of physicians remaining at home in Africa and the number of émigrés.
  4. cPhysician migration density: the number of physician émigrés per 1000 population of each African country.