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Table 2 Sex- and age-standardized prevalence (percentage) of self-reported reduced working capacity due to longstanding illness by the explanatory variables among people with paid employment.

From: Sickness absence poses a threat to the Swedish Welfare State: a cross-sectional study of sickness absence and self-reported illness

Explanatory variables Categories and levels Self-reported reduced working capacity due to longstanding illness (%)
Total   15.0
Sickness absence (days) 0–28 10.5
  29–90 29.8
  >90 68.8
Sex (only age-adjusted) Male 13.2
  Female 16.6
De facto marital status Living alone 16.8
  Married/cohabiting 14.3
Occupational status Unskilled manual workers 20.3
  Skilled manual workers 18.5
  Lower level employees 15.3
  Middle level employees and professionals 10.5
Employment Part-time 26.2
  Full-time 12.9
Housing tenure Renting 17.2
  Owning 14.2
Quality of physical working Environment Poor 22.3
  Good 12.5
Presence of stress at work Yes 16.6
  No 13.8
Work-related social Support Poor 19.6
  Good 14.5