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Table 1 Participants in the focus groups

From: Parents' champions vs. vested interests: Who do parents believe about MMR? A qualitative study

Group number and brief description Participants' pseudonyms (ages of children, vaccine status)
G1 NCT group in affluent area Trudie (girl 8 yrs/girl 7 mths, both complete)
Violet (girl 2 yrs, partial)
Mel (boy 4 yrs, complete/girl 15 mths, partial)
G2 First time mothers Joanne (boy 5 mths, complete)
Elaine (girl 4 mths, complete)
Louise (boy 5 mths, complete)
Beathan (girl 6 mths, complete)
G3 Ante-natal group with second time mothers Sian (stepson 4 yrs, other/8 mths pregnant)
Dawn (boy 4 yrs/boy 3 yrs, both partial)
Ruth (boy 1 yr, complete)
Beatrice (boy 18 mths, partial)
Iona (boy 12 yrs/girl 7 yrs, girl 5 yrs/boy 3 yrs, all complete)
G4 Low MMR uptake area in deprived area Joan (girl 20 mths, complete)
Sheila (girl 10 yrs/girl 3 yrs/boy 21 mths, all complete)
Alan (boy 2 yrs, partial)
G5 High uptake area in affluent area Fiona (girl 6 yrs/boy 5 mths, both complete)
Alison (boy 15 mths, partial)
Lauren (boy 14 mths, partial)
Cassie (girl 3 yrs/boy 9 mths, both complete)
Karen (girl 7 yrs/girl 4 yrs/boy 4 mths, all complete)
Anna (girl 7 yrs, complete/boy 4 yrs, partial/girl 3 yrs, partial/girl 14 mths partial)
G6 Low MMR uptake area in deprived area Cathy (girl 3 yrs/boy 2 yrs, both complete)
Bob (boy 3 yrs/boy 7 mths, both complete)
Ella (boy 5 yrs, partial)
Helen (girl 4 yrs/boy 2 yrs, complete)
G7 High MMR uptake area in deprived area Tracy (boy 10 yrs/girl 4 yrs/girl 2 yrs, all complete)
Samantha (boy 16 mths, complete)
Lydia (boy 6 yrs, complete)
Angie (boy 5 yrs/boy 18 mths, both complete)
Mary (girl 5 yrs, complete)
G8 Young single mothers living in deprived area Kate (boy 2 yrs, complete)
Margaret (boy 2 yrs, partial)
Lisa (girl 23 mths, complete)
Ann (boy 6 mths, complete)
Lynne (boy 13 mths, complete)
Natalie (boy 15 mths, complete)
Ros (boy 20 mths, complete)
Lucy (15 boy 11 wks, complete)
G9 First-time mothers living in affluent area Rhona (boy 11 wks, complete)
Catrina (girl 11 wks, complete)
Judith (girl 11 wks, complete)
Charlotte (girl 5 mths, complete)
Celia (girl 6 mths, complete)
G10 Single fathers in deprived area William (12 yrs,/girl 5 yrs, both complete)
Kenny (boy 3 yrs other/boy 3 mths, complete)
Robert (girl 17 yrs/boy 6 yrs, both complete)
G11 Parents with multiple parenting problems in deprived area Sheena (girl 7 yrs/boy 6 yrs/boy 2 yrs, all complete)
Michelle (boy 2 yrs/girl 6 mths, both complete)
Patsy (twin boys 2 yrs both complete/boy 2 mths too young), Frank (as far Patsy)
G12 Single vaccine group (Parents who opted to immunise their child with separate measles, mumps and rubella vaccines) Dave (girl 7 yrs complete/girl 21 mths, single)
Jenny (boy 2 yrs, single)
Joe (boy 2 yrs, single)
G13 Parents who had rejected MMR Sue (boy 6 yrs, complete/boy 4 yrs, partial/boy 13 mths, complete),
Aleena (girl 5 yrs/girl 3 yrs/girl 5 mths, partial)
Hannah (boy 4 yrs/boy 2 yrs, partial)
G14 Parents who had rejected all immunisation Molly (boy 5 yrs/boy 2 yrs)
Kitty (boy 6 yrs/boy 4 yrs/boy 2 yrs)
Lola (boy 6 yrs/boy 4 yrs/boy 2 yrs)
Debbie (boy 5 yrs/boy 3 yrs/girl 23 mths/girl 4 wks)
All none
G15 Parents of an autistic child Lesley (complete) Dianna & Jacqueline (partial) The precise ages of children omitted to protect their identity -all boys aged between 4 and 7 yrs)
G16 Parents of an autistic child Stella, Alison, Caroline (all partial) The precise ages of children omitted to protect their identity -all boys aged between 4 and 9 yrs)
G17 Parents of an immunocompromised child Sally (girl 9 yrs) Rebecca (girl 8 yrs) Pamela (girl 8 yrs) all complete
G18 Parents of an immunocompromised child Jill (girl 14 yrs), Cara (girl 8 years), Jessie (boy 16 yrs) all complete
  1. Key:
  2. Complete: parents whose children had received all the recommended vaccines for their age in the Childhood Immunisation Programme.
  3. Partial: parents whose children who had fallen behind the recommended schedule with some vaccines, and parents who had decided not to have one or more of the recommended vaccines in the programme.
  4. Single: Parents who had opted for the single measles, mumps or rubella vaccines instead of MMR.
  5. None: Parents who did not plan to immunise their children with any of the recommended vaccines.
  6. Other: Parents who did not know the immunisation status of their child.