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Table 1 Events in the Soviet Bloc* and Migration to Sweden.

From: Mental health of immigrants from the former Soviet Bloc: a future problem for primary health care in the enlarged European Union? A cross-sectional study

Period The basic dates in the history of the Soviet Bloc Major events in the member countries which caused immigration waves in Sweden [7, 8, 36, 67–70]
1945–49 1944–45: Occupation of Hungary by the Soviet Army
1945–47: Communists established as dominant force in Romania
1947: Proclamation of People's Republic of Bulgaria
1948: Communists take power, Czechoslovakia becomes a Soviet-style communistic state
1948: Romania becomes a Soviet-style communistic state
1949: Proclamation of the People's Republic of Hungary
1946–50 – Suppression of the anti-Soviet guerrilla movements in the Baltic republics of the Soviet Union (emigration to escape the Red Army)
1948–53 – Intensification of terror and anti-Semitic campaigns in all member countries of the Soviet Bloc, especially in the Soviet Union
1950–59 1952: Proclamation of People's Republic of Poland
1955: Signing of the Warsaw Pact (all countries)
1956 – Soviet military invasion of Hungary in response to revolution
1960–69   1968 – Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in response to the reforms of the "Prague Spring"
1967–73 – Anti-Semitic campaign in Poland
1968 – Start of the Polish political crisis (major student and intellectual protests against communist government) and consequent start of political persecutions in Poland
1970–79   The whole decade – economic difficulties, social discontent, strikes, protests, and consequent large-scale economic emigration from Poland
1980–89 1989 – Dissolution of the Soviet Bloc 1981 – The military coup in Poland (communist government against "Solidarity" and the strikers)
1982–1983 – Imposition of martial law in Poland: reinforced persecutions of members of democratic movements (formal banning of "Solidarity") and harder military control
1989 – Fall of the Iron Curtain and disappearance of the migration restrictions in Eastern Europe
1990–99 1991 – Breakdown of the Soviet Union 1991 – Disappearance of the migration restrictions in the former Soviet Union
  1. * Only a brief list of basic dates and major events in the countries relevant for this study, not a complete chronicle of the Soviet Bloc's history