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Archived Comments for: Prevalence and determinants of adolescent tobacco smoking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  1. A focused strategy is for needed for adolescent tobacco smoking in Ethiopia

    N Malangu, University of Limpopo

    18 September 2007

    The paper by Rudatsikira et al. (2007) reported that factors associated with smoking were the male gender, having friends and parents who smoke; and that perceiving smoking as harmful had a protective effect. They concluded correctly that smoking among Ethiopian adolescents was lower than in other African countries. It is important to mention that in a South African study, having a sister who smoke, and attending school in the inner-city were also strongly and significantly associated with smoking in a group of learners in Pretoria; while being a White male was associated with more than a three-fold increase in smoking (Mokonoto and Naidoo, 2006). Therefore, in order to develop and implement focused interventions, a detailed subgroup analysis is warranted on the data presented. This will help in pinpointing the subgroups that could benefit from anti-tobacco messages as suggested by the authors; as well as from other educational, managerial, and regulatory interventions.


    Rudatsikira E, Abdo A, Muula AS. Prevalence and determinants of adolescent tobacco smoking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. BMC Public Health 2007, 7:176.

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