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Archived Comments for: Profound influence of different methods for determination of the ankle brachial index on the prevalence estimate of peripheral arterial disease

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  1. Numerator, not nominator is top of a fraction

    Ebm Audit, Private

    27 September 2012

    The ankle brachial index is defined in the abstract by an invalid nomenclature despite being the center piece of the article. It is a fraction of arterial blood pressure values with a value representing the legs (ankle) on the top of the fraction and a value representing the arms (brachial) on the bottom of the fraction. In the English language, the numerator is the top and the denominator the bottom of the fraction. Reference:

    A nominator is not a mathematical term. The verb nominate expresses, for example, to propose a person by name as a candidate or to appoint to an office. A nominator may be a person who enters a horse in a race. Reference:

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